Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Behind the doors of a Closet Editor - Cataloging

Welcome back! Over the last few days Kristen and I have been walking through a day in the life of an edit+style Closet Editor.

Today's post is all about our famous "edit+style wardrobe wheel" and the e+s slide show.

Ok, so how many of you have stood in front of your closet saying, "I have nothing to wear!" 
Well fret no more. When you hire an edit+style Closet Ediotr we leave you with our famous "e+s wardrobe wheel." Kristen and I compare it to a painters chip. It is a small ring of pictures that allow you to flip through the outfits catalogued by edit+style in a flash ⚡️
This wheel of pics allows our clients to choose an outfit from their already owned wardrobe in the blink of an eye. All catalogued images include shoes and accessories. A head to toe look!

Another item on the edit+style menu is our "Getaway Packing" service. The e+s wardrobe wheel is adorable, small and packable. So, when you arrive at your destination, for work or fun, you know what to wear with just a quick flip through the wheel.

Ok, so what if a client accidentally forgets the edit+style WW 😳 ?? Stay calm! 
Kristen and I take all catalogued images and create a personalized Google slide show for each and every client.

Images are accompanied by a small paragraph of "when & where" the look should be worn. We also offer suggestions of how to take the photographed ensemble into another season. We believe that each item in your closet should be, and can be, worn during two Seasonal changes. If not more! 

We are currently accepting Spring and Summer Seasonal edit appointments. Email or call us:

Always, shop your closet first because it's, "Your stuff."Your style."

Cathy and Kristen