Sunday, May 24, 2015


welcome to, edit+style. the blog where you shop your closet first. not the mall or online. a place where you can walk into your closet and walk out looking & feeling fabulous, without buying a new wardrobe.

if you've made it past the first paragraph, you are probably saying, "another blog about fashion?"  i said the same thing. there are an infinite number of blogs, Youtube channels, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages showcasing the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty and styling. don't worry. this will not be one of those.

the last thing i want to do is clog the 'web ways' with another "to do" item on your already overflowing list.

i want to bring what i do as a closet editor and stylist to everyone! i may not live in your neck of the woods but i know what it's like to stand in a packed closet only to say, "i don't have a thing to wear!" or, "i don't know how to wear this?"

not only will i show you how to style the clothing you already own but i will pin items to help round out any styling gaps. you will receive coupon codes for both online sales and for stores in your area. i will also notify you when items go on sale that i recently pinned. that way you can receive a price adjustment.

you will also receive donation and consignment site information for items you no longer wear.

i only have one rule. stay true to yourself and your style. 

thank you for inviting me to, "edit+style"

~ cathy