Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Workplace Essentials

Workplace Essentials

I created this style board for my friend who recently went back to work. These key pieces will take her from carpool drop off, to a meeting, on a home tour, to her boy's {she has 3😀} after school sporting events, then home with ease. I even threw in a few of my makeup staples that keep your face looking fresh and flawless, even if you feel hurried & tired.
Congrats, KA! 😘

Boden red dress

Boden blue dress

Topshop dress
$105 -

J Crew tshirt dress

Retro dress
$75 -

J Crew cotton shirt
$130 -

Trench coat

J.Crew linen pants
$93 -

Zara pants

J.Crew j crew shoes
$795 -

J.Crew high heel shoes
$105 -

Boden pumps

J.Crew j crew shoes


J Crew black handbag
$145 -

Black handbag

J.Crew crystal earrings
$105 -

Tory burch jewelry
$100 -

H M short necklace
$24 -

H m jewelry
$11 -

Tech accessory