Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Behind the doors of a Closet Editor - Consignment & Donations

During yesterdays blog post (3.4.16), I went into detail about what Kristen and I do for our clients at edit+style. 

Today's blog post explains what happens to unwanted and unworn items from the closets that we edit+style.

 Again, our goal is to make sure that our clients are always taken care of. Which is why, we don't want to leave them with a pile of "stuff" in a corner of their room to deal with after we leave.

Kristen and I take the bag(s) and either donate or sell the items for you!

FYI, we don't just send items to any consignment store or donation site. We methodically go through each piece to decide where the client, or another beneficiary, will receive the most benefit.

For instance, not all consignment sites will accept your favorite, acid-washed, denim jacket that you wore to a Cure concert in High School. Trust us, we have one of those jackets 😳

Kristen and I have done the work for you. We have read up on consignment stores and sites across the nation. Below are a few of our favorites ....

Not only do the above sites photograph and resell your items for you. Your unwanted items are mailed for FREE! Yes, FREE!
          {📷courtesy of ThredUp.com}

ThredUp {one of our favs} will donate all unsold merchandise to a charity.
 Of course, they make sure that you are ok with this before they donate anything. But, who doesn't want to Give Back?!

There are even sites, such as, 
that have an in-town concierge. This person will pick up your unworn items, mail them to New York City, and set up your personal re-sale account for you. Voila! 
Our favorite Charlotte concierge is, Bev Sokol 💖 So, if you have a leather bag or gown you no longer wear, give Bev a call!

Finally, for items that do not make the "consignment cut", Kristen and I drop these things to a local charity. Such as 
Not only do we collect your donation slip, we even itemize the items donated and put together a tax valuation. This way, you hand everything over to your CPA in the Spring. 

As I've said before, edit+style is a service and brand. 

You won't want to miss tomorrow's post. All about the edit+style "wardrobe wheel." A client favorite!