Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mothers Day Baubles

At edit+style we tend to choose the baubles before the outfit. So, what better way to spoil your Mom, Sister, Aunt, Friend, or Grandmother in your life than with a Mother's Day list of our favorite baubles {some are on sale!} This will take her ensemble from plain to anything but....

Mothers Day Baubles

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Masters

The Masters. An iconic golf course. The stage for the best around the world to show their stuff. 
It's also the perfect platform for edit+style to pull together an ensemble for a day on the course, and beyond ...

This dress is not only comfortable, offers pockets but it is the perfect complement to the green fairways and white, caddy suits 
        {Floral dress/}

Don't forget you will be walking a lot so this first shoe is comfortable and cute. 
{gold tipped espadrille/}

You will need a second footwear option for the "after the round" partays! This sandal is not only stylish but the block heel will prevent any "stuck in the grass" moments. 
 {cognac block heel/}

Finally, the accessories:

1. This brim provides protection from the sun. Plus, we like how the thin stripe is a complement against the floral pattern of the dress. 

2. Sunnies. Protect your eyes from not only the sun but from the pollen. 
  {lucite sunnies/}

3. Finally, the jewels. You don't need much due to the fun, vibrant print in the dress. The small, gold earrings bring out the detail in the espadrille toe and the buckle of the block heels.
       {small gold knots/}

      Enjoy the match! 

Cathy & Kristen 

Closet Editors 
"Your stuff."Your style."

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Behind the doors of a Closet Editor - Cataloging

Welcome back! Over the last few days Kristen and I have been walking through a day in the life of an edit+style Closet Editor.

Today's post is all about our famous "edit+style wardrobe wheel" and the e+s slide show.

Ok, so how many of you have stood in front of your closet saying, "I have nothing to wear!" 
Well fret no more. When you hire an edit+style Closet Ediotr we leave you with our famous "e+s wardrobe wheel." Kristen and I compare it to a painters chip. It is a small ring of pictures that allow you to flip through the outfits catalogued by edit+style in a flash ⚡️
This wheel of pics allows our clients to choose an outfit from their already owned wardrobe in the blink of an eye. All catalogued images include shoes and accessories. A head to toe look!

Another item on the edit+style menu is our "Getaway Packing" service. The e+s wardrobe wheel is adorable, small and packable. So, when you arrive at your destination, for work or fun, you know what to wear with just a quick flip through the wheel.

Ok, so what if a client accidentally forgets the edit+style WW 😳 ?? Stay calm! 
Kristen and I take all catalogued images and create a personalized Google slide show for each and every client.

Images are accompanied by a small paragraph of "when & where" the look should be worn. We also offer suggestions of how to take the photographed ensemble into another season. We believe that each item in your closet should be, and can be, worn during two Seasonal changes. If not more! 

We are currently accepting Spring and Summer Seasonal edit appointments. Email or call us:

Always, shop your closet first because it's, "Your stuff."Your style."

Cathy and Kristen 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Behind the doors of a Closet Editor - Consignment & Donations

During yesterdays blog post (3.4.16), I went into detail about what Kristen and I do for our clients at edit+style. 

Today's blog post explains what happens to unwanted and unworn items from the closets that we edit+style.

 Again, our goal is to make sure that our clients are always taken care of. Which is why, we don't want to leave them with a pile of "stuff" in a corner of their room to deal with after we leave.

Kristen and I take the bag(s) and either donate or sell the items for you!

FYI, we don't just send items to any consignment store or donation site. We methodically go through each piece to decide where the client, or another beneficiary, will receive the most benefit.

For instance, not all consignment sites will accept your favorite, acid-washed, denim jacket that you wore to a Cure concert in High School. Trust us, we have one of those jackets 😳

Kristen and I have done the work for you. We have read up on consignment stores and sites across the nation. Below are a few of our favorites ....

Not only do the above sites photograph and resell your items for you. Your unwanted items are mailed for FREE! Yes, FREE!
          {📷courtesy of}

ThredUp {one of our favs} will donate all unsold merchandise to a charity.
 Of course, they make sure that you are ok with this before they donate anything. But, who doesn't want to Give Back?!

There are even sites, such as, 
that have an in-town concierge. This person will pick up your unworn items, mail them to New York City, and set up your personal re-sale account for you. Voila! 
Our favorite Charlotte concierge is, Bev Sokol 💖 So, if you have a leather bag or gown you no longer wear, give Bev a call!

Finally, for items that do not make the "consignment cut", Kristen and I drop these things to a local charity. Such as 
Not only do we collect your donation slip, we even itemize the items donated and put together a tax valuation. This way, you hand everything over to your CPA in the Spring. 

As I've said before, edit+style is a service and brand. 

You won't want to miss tomorrow's post. All about the edit+style "wardrobe wheel." A client favorite!

Monday, April 4, 2016

behind the scenes

People often ask, "What is a closet editor?"  So, Kristen and I thought we would share what we do on the edit+style blog over the next few days.

First and foremost, building relationships with our clients is priority Numero Uno! We love meeting new people AND especially love when these people/clients become our friends!

Before we even meet, our clients complete a brief questionnaire. This allows us to get to know them, as well as, their shopping habits a bit better.
Keeping their answers in mind, we begin editing their closet. This consists of, but is not limited to:

1. Organize their entire wardrobe by color and season.

2. Remove any items that are no longer worm. {What happens to these items will be in tomorrow's blog post.  STAY TUNED!}
3. Put together head-to-toe ensembles - shoes, jewelry & bags are included- from pieces in their wardrobe that they already own.

4. Catalog the above ensembles. We photograph each outfit and.... STAY TUNED you won't want to miss out on the "wardrobe wheel" post coming on Wednesday.

5. Create a "needs/want" list. These items will help to elevate the client's existing wardrobe.
6. Create a customized shopping Pinterest board for the client. More to come on this creative and fun way to shop. You won't want to miss this post this Thursday..
6. Assist in the creating of a budget for new items that we Pin.
7. Receive shopping discounts & coupons via the edit+style Instagram feed:

Tomorrow's post will be about what happens when we leave their closet ....
                                                       XO, Cathy & Kristen

P.S. MANY, MANY THANKS to our stylish and fabulously, fun clients. We would not be able to do what we love without each one of you.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Beach Bound

Beach Bound

Closet Editor, Kristen, spent her Spring Break at the beach. Her striped one piece is elegant and fun. Pop the Kaftan over top as a cover up. Better yet, wear it to dinner with a pair of gold hoops and cork sandals Add the denim jacket, if the beach air is cool. Remember to always pack your sunscreen!

Juliet Dunn bohemian tunic

Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket
$135 -

Havaianas shoes

Oasis aztec purse
$26 -

Kiehl s sun care

Canvas poster

Outdoor drinkware